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Are you ready to experience Helsinki in an authentically local way? Look no further! To find the real gems in the city, you'll need to get off the beaten path, and I'm here to help you out with that!

Send me a request explaining what would you like to do, see, or learn in Helsinki, and I will return to you with a cool and personally tailored plan within 24 hours. 

Joining on a tailored tour with Rento Helsinki Tours, you'll get a private experience just for you and your group. You'll get to live Helsinki through the locals' eyes, and see places overlooked by other travelers. 

There are hundreds of different options for amazing things to do in Helsinki. It might be bicycling along the picturesque Helsinki coastline, or experiencing a sauna and dipping in the Baltic Sea. Maybe you're interested in Finland's world-famous welfare system and would like to know more about it. Or are you looking for a classic sightseeing tour, but with flexibility and the possibility to do the tour at your own pace. You might be interested to try Helsinki's food scene, going bar hopping or finding the most underground events. The options are endless, and I'm here to show you the alternatives Helsinki hides, and you'll get to live Helsinki like a real stadilainen (a person from Helsinki).


  • Get to live unique experiences no other travelers will live.

  • Explore Helsinki's hidden gems with a local, and learn about the themes you're interested in. 

  • You'll get many recommendations and insider tips for the rest of your stay in Helsinki and Finland.

  • Exclusive, fun & informative way to visit Helsinki and its surroundings.

Why join on a tailor-made Helsinki Tour?

Examples of tailored Helsinki Tours with other travelers

A half-day hiking trip to Nuuksio National Park. We reached the park with a public transportation, and hiked a 7-km long path while enjoying the silent nature

At lunch time, we had a little campfire workshop, and learnt how to make fire out of scratch. We had Finnish snacks and a typical pan coffee. Does this sound like something you would enjoy doing? Send me a message here and we'll plan it out!




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A personally tailored tour to explore some of Helsinki's amazing gastronomical scene.
We tried many traditional and some less traditional food, and finished the experience by trying the best cinnamon rolls of Helsinki

Would you like a personalized food tour in Helsinki? Write me here:


We took a public bus to visit Porvoo, the second oldest city of Finland. In Porvoo we toured around the old town and the beautiful Porvoo Riverside. Porvoo has many small boutiques for shopping and great restaurants and coffee bars. 

I have studied in Porvoo, so I know the city very well and will be able to show you some of the hidden gems. Do you want to explore Porvoo with me? Send me a message here:


Half-day trip to


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Sea Fortress
Guided Tour

Suomenlinna UNESCO World Heritage site is among the prettiest places in Helsinki. I'm a certified guide on the island, and will be able to guide you through the most secret tunnels and corners of the fortification. 

Do you want to visit Suomenlinna with me? Just send me a message and I'll make it happen!


Helsinki Tour


Send me a message here explaining what you'd like to do and see in Helsinki! I will return within 24 hours!

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