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Local tips to Helsinki

When I travel to new cities, I often find myself lost in a sea of sameness. Influencers, travel bloggers, and destination websites all seem to chant the same well-worn recommendations. Do you know the feeling? You're eating out in an old 19th century restaurant in downtown Lisbon or exploring a bustling market in Bangkok, and suddenly you realize that every other person there is doing the exact same thing!

It's a frustrating realization that you're missing out on the hidden treasures, the secrets that only the locals seem to know. You can't help but wonder, "Where do the locals go for that unforgettable meal or that off-the-beaten-path adventure?".

I'm happy to share with you that there's a new travel app, that is here to change the world of travel. Reveel is a Helsinki-based start-up that connects local insider tips and travelers. Oh, and the app works in 28 languages.

"Through Reveel, travelers can find interactive guidebooks created by local experts that live with you as you enjoy the destination. Let go of the research stress, Reveel has got your back."

Sounds good? You can download Reveel for free from App Store or Play Store.

Local tips to Helsinki on Reveel app
Reveel App

Rento Helsinki Tours has partnered up with Reveel, so after downloading the app you'll get an access to all my personal tips to explore the best of Helsinki. You can find my guidebook directly though this link: Helsinki like a local.

Apart of free recommendations for Helsinki, you'll also have a chance to participate on a virtual guided tour of Helsinki, the route is designed by me and all the audios are recorded by me. The tour leads you though some of the most famous sights of Helsinki, and meanwhile you'll get interactive commentary and learn about the city while you walk. All at your own pace!

If you tried the app, let me know on the comments what are your thoughts.

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